Despite any criticisms purists may have, the Toyota A90 Supra is here to stay. Aftermarket vendors already have scores of body kit parts on offer for it, but new teams invariably come up with something fresh and original. SARD is the latest example.
New C8 Corvette styling kits crop up all the time now, and this one – made by Racing Sport Concepts, or RSC for short – is one of the finer ones.
Finding a racecar like the BMW 3.0 CSL E9 on sale can be a futile undertaking given that it is more than half a century old. The rare surviving examples fetch seven-digit euro amounts on auctions. Nonetheless, a car aficionado from Germany went ahead and built his own replica – based on OEM parts, no less!
The opulent Aston Martin Vantage V12 went out of production a few years ago, but nothing can stop tuners from customizing the available vehicles. The Zagato Heritage Twins by R-Reforged edition will include only 19 coupe-roadster pairs, and the first pair just went to Andrea and Marelle Zagato.
Tuner shop Overfinch has quite a few deluxe Land Rovers in its portfolio (wacth the video for an example), but the Velocity Final Edition revealed today is the last custom build based on the current generation of the SUV.
The Manhart Performance team converted the fifth-generation Toyota Supra into a custom car called the GR 450 several month ago (see video), and now follows up with an update called GR 550.
The Bavarian automotive giant is getting ready to premiere its new flagship model – the X8 – and if these shots are any indication, it sports a rather innovative design.


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