As you probably know, FWD cars tend to lag behind the competition when it comes to delivering power to the ground during drag races. However, there certainly are exceptions, such as this insane Acura Integra GS-R.
The mid-engined C8 ‘Vette comes in a number of finishes, Rapid Blue being one of the most desirable ones. The owner of the car feature in this video may have loved it a bit too much, though.
The new Mercedes-AMG G63 enjoys a rather unique market standing, being equally popular among luxury car connoisseurs, off-roading enthusiasts, and tuning aficionados. With its latest project, Hofele may as well have been targeting all three groups at once.
Subaru has unveiled its first fully electric car, a C-class crossover SUV named the Solterra after Latin words ‘sol’ for the Sun and ‘terra’ for the Earth. Availability is expected in multiple countries in mid-2022.
Since the latest generation of the Ford F-150 came out, there have been whispers about an upcoming fully electric and particularly powerful version of the pickup. After drip-feeding us tiny bits of information about the car, Ford has finally set the premiere date: Wednesday, May 19, 2021.
As you probably know, Ford intends to establish a whole sub-brand named Bronco and release a wide range of vehicles under that badge. Recent evidence suggests this could include an all-electric SUV or two.
Following multiple official teasers and a host of spy photos of the Genesis G70 estate car, the carmaker has now revealed a few detailed shots of its body and cabin, along with a few basic specifications.


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