For a long time, tuners had been unable to start working on the eighth-gen Chevrolet Corvette due to an encrypted ECU, but everything changed when a workaround was found. FuelTech has just reported cranking their ‘Vette up to hypercar levels of performance.
The tiny Volkswagen Up! GTI (WV120) is not a sluggish compact at all, but more so thanks to its low weight than engine power. A recent video shows what it is capable of with an extra bit of thrust.
The Honda BR-V, which debuted six years ago, has now entered its second generation. The presentation event took place in Indonesia, one of the key markets for the crossover SUV.
Four-wheel steering technology actually emerged in Japan in mid-80s, but it never took off, and automakers had ignored it for the next few decades. Mercedes took things to a new level with the re-introduction of the tech on its S-Class, EQS and, to a lesser extent, C-Class. It now looks like the GLC will be next in line to get it.
MG Motor Company, part of Chinese SAIC Group, has revealed the first images and specifications of its Maze Concept, a futuristic design study inspired by video games.
Racing driver and media celebrity Ken Block has officially become a part of the Audi team following his breakup with Ford. Here is a video posted on the company’s official website along with some details of the deal.
A video has recently been posted to YouTube showing an extensive collection of Ford vehicles dating back to the first half of the 20th century. Judging by the license plates, the footage might have been filmed in California.