If you think comically oversized wheels can destroy the aesthetics of any car you put them on, well, you are on to something. Please take a good look at this Infiniti QX70 and try your best not to do anything like this to your ride, ever.
Mecum Auctions will be offering this impeccably restored 1971 Ford Bronco for sale late this month; the car looks a bit shorter than normal, don’t you think?
Ford has confirmed that is collected over 100,000 pre-orders for the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning truck within just three weeks from the announcement, calling it ‘a great success’.
French professional racer Alexandre Claudin has teamed up with three tuners on a three-year-long project to squeeze an American V8 into the front end of a DeLorean DMC-12.
The next instalment in the Nissan sports car series, laconically named the ‘Nissan Z’ this time around, will celebrate its official premiere in New York on August 17, 2021. Here are some details to tide you over.
Porsche Taycan owners may now opt for any of the three available aftermarket upgrades by Mansory (or all three of them, why not?). Let us have a closer look at the contents.
Boosting a BMW 2 Series Coupe to 572 mechanical horsepower is a challenging, but not impossible task. Fitting it with a nitrous-oxide injection system is also possible if racecar-like acceleration is required. But performing all of the above on a DIESEL car? If it weren’t for this video by, we’d think it impossible.


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Тойота Приус
Кадиллак тоже, только это седан,2016 года
волькваген голф
Это старый Ниссан 1971 года,хм, похоже на Жигули
Это Тесла 2020 года
пикап Тойота
grian and aimee suck
Nissan titan 2017 platinum