The Tegeran-based automaker known as Iran Khodro (IKCO) has wrapped up the production of two sedans, Peugeot 405 and Iran Khodro Samand, after multiple decades of lively sales.
Lamborghini has shared another video dedicated to its own apiary. Inhabited by some 600,000 bees since 2016, the grounds currently yield around 430 kilograms of product per year. But rather than sell it, Lambo distributes the honey among its entire staff when Christmas comes.
Toyota has no intention to expand its current GR lineup, says Yasunori Suezawa, Chief Engineer of the GR 86 project. According to him, sported-up versions of popular cars will continue to appear, but the Camry will not be among them.
Everrati has unveiled an open-top, widebody version of the Porsche 964 running on 507 PS of electric power. According to the tuner, this is the world’s first EV conversion of this particular model.
The seventh generation of the Ford Mustang debuted last month and was shortly followed by two track-only specials. Today, another such special has been announced.
The attention of the BMW fan community is firmly focused on the new M2, leaving the old 228i to fade into obscurity. Senner Tuning, from Germany, has just attempted to rescue it from that fate – and the result is not bad.
Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has announced a major performance upgrade coming to the latest-gen Chevrolet Corvette. The mid-engined sports car gets a power boost, improved suspension and heavy-duty brakes, among other things.