U.S. tuner Hennessey Performance has recently boosted a Lamborghini Urus to 750 hp (559 kW) and was looking for a worthy opponent to test it against when this Rolls-Royce Wraith turned up. Talk about unconventional choices!
A little over a month ago, Mansory released an ultra-opulent version of the latest Ford GT to celebrate 30 years in business. Called Le Mansory, the car did not have a publicly available price tag. However, one out of only three units built has recently gone up on sale priced at €1,800,000 including taxes.
It remains open what kind of car is hiding behind that name, but fan theories are worth considering as always.
The Chinese office of Tesla is currently looking to hire a chief designer, a creative director, a copywriter, a video editor, a software department manager and a design manager. There is a teaser pic attached to the announcement.
The state-of-the-art Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series only debuted a month ago, and the engineering department keeps polishing it to this day. If this disguised prototype locked away in the Nürburgring box area is any indication, the German carmaker may want to try and set an absolute record on that track in the “Production Car” category.
It is going to be five years or longer before Ferrari unveils a full-fledged EV – but the Italian luxury carmaker is already testing various hybrid solutions. The latest specimen spotted on the Fiorano Circuit looks like a mid-engined V6 coupe.
A couple of weeks ago, Subaru said it was discontinuing the BRZ coupe (see video) that it had produced for nearly nine years at the same factory as its technical sibling, the Toyota GT86. Judging by the latest spy photos, however, the second generation should be coming up soon.