As of the year 2020, Ford has failed to comply with the EU regulations regarding CO2 emissions, exceeding the target numbers by a fair margin. Normally, the automaker would be looking forward to a hefty fine – but the European Commission allows guilty carmakers to take “carbon credits” from companies outperforming target figures.
Hyundai India has opened pre-order books for the new 2021 i20 hatchback. The car differs quite a bit from the Euro-spec, sporting a different front grille pattern and headlights, as well as a chrome strip at the rear end instead of a red one.
A Koenigsegg hypercar is an exceptionally rare sight as is; witnessing two of them next to each other is almost surreal, and if you consider that both sport genuine gold accents… Whoa!
The Japanese luxury carmaker has come out with two special editions of its coupe models: the LC Aviation, which is obviously airplane-themed, and Emotional Ash, which features ash wood inserts in the cabin.
Audi of America has signaled that a sported-up variant of the most affordable Audi A6 spec will be coming in 2021.
The Euro-spec Audi Q5 Sportback is heading to China after gaining 89 extra millimeters (3.5 inches) of length and wheelbase. The car will celebrate its official premiere at the Guangzhou Auto Exhibition opening for the media on November 20, 2020.
RM Sotheby’s just sold a 53-year-old Toyota 2000GT coupe for a logic-defying $912,000 USD. Let’s zoom in on the exotic and see what makes it so special.


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