A group of car tinkerers from the United States decided to try something unusual with a modern GMC Sierra pickup, shortening both its bed and cab. The end result gained something of a cult following: as it turned out, many were secretly hoping for a truck like this.
Even as a stock car, the Audi RS3 has enviable acceleration chops thanks to its engine churning out 400 PS (394 hp / 294 kW) and an all-wheel drive system delivering the thrust to the axles. However, it pales in comparison to this tuned example recently reviewed in a video by AutoTopNL.
The iconic dark green livery has a history spanning back more than 100 years, all the way to England’s first illegal street races of the year 1903. Now, Carlex Design intends to produce a whole batch of cars finished in this color, and this gorgeous McLaren 720S is the latest completed work.
Mercedes-Benz has signed an agreement with Aston Martin, according to which the German automaker gains up to a 20% share in its stock and in return provides access to its full-electric and electrified powertrains, technologies, and software.
Renault updated its Megane hatchback and wagon last winter, and the less common sedan model follows suit now. Despite being proudly called The New Megane by the manufacturer, it is a facelift like any other.
Porsche has updated its Cayenne PHEV model to the latest spec, giving it larger batteries to enable longer all-electric trips.
This 51-year-old Jaguar E-Type is up for a round of bartering right now with the top bid as low as U.S. $3,000. The reason? It is a barn find, and a badly damaged one at that. You will need to invest much more into it before it can go on its own again.