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Wheelsboutique promises 2,000 HP in an old Ford GT

06-12-2018 14:26
The tuner took an old GT and upgraded it with a Heffner Performance BiTurbo unit

Ever since it came out in 2017, the new Ford GT is a real crowd favorite, whether among car aficionados or pro tuners. Armed with an engine capable of producing up to 656 hp (489 kW) and 746 Nm (550 lb-ft) of torque, the car only weighs 1,385 kg (3,084 lb), which enables it to outperform the competition easily. Not just that, but it also looks great and comes extremely well-equipped for the price.

The new Ford GT is so good it almost makes you forget its predecessor, which used to be manufactured in 2004–2006 and packed an inferior 5.4L V8. Apparently, the team of Wheelsboutique really wanted it remembered for the great sports vehicle it was.

The tuner took an old GT and upgraded it with a Heffner Performance BiTurbo unit, thus raising its performance from the stock 550 to some amazing 1,150 hp (410 to 858 kW). Aside from the twin turbochargers, the car gained a set of ANRKY AN37 wheels, a performance exhaust system and a titanium air intake system.

Even if you feed it regular gasoline (say, octane number 93) instead of special racing fuel, the actual power transmitted to the wheels will still be somewhere around 850 hp (635 kW).

For those can’t just get enough performance, the tuner offers a Stage II upgrade kit. It involves rebuilding the drivetrain from the ground up and reinforcing all parts that sustain any kind of load during movement. Wheelsboutique promises stellar 2,000 hp (1,500 kW) of raw engine performance in this build.

On an interesting note, the company decided to leave the exterior of the car stock save for a few minimal changes, efficiently turning this Ford GT into a terrific sleeper. Imagine the surprise when other drivers suddenly discover the true power hidden under the hood of this beast!

Photo: Wheels Boutique

Chief Editor Olga Markelova
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