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Mercedes GLE wins a stylish body kit from Atarius Concept / JB Customs

19-02-2019 10:46
The tuners have dressed the coupe-SUV in a wide body kit

Whenever an owner wants to customize his or her car, chances are he or she will commission the job with a tuner company that traditionally specializes in this particular car brand and/or model. As it stands, if you own a Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe (C292) and happen to reside in Europe, your two most likely destinations will be Hamann Motorsport and Prior Design. What we are dealing with today is a different story altogether, though.

This particular GLE 350 has been customized in Spain by a combined effort on behalf of Atarius Concept and JB Customs. The tuners have dressed the coupe-SUV in a wide body kit consisting of a carbon-fiber hood, a front spoiler, new aprons front and rear, enormous air intakes in front and vents in the back, voluminous side skirts, wide fenders with gill-like slits for brake cooling, a massive rear apron add-on that also includes a diffuser, and a relatively small trunk spoiler lip.

Among other things, the two teams have painted the radiator grille black and replaced the stock exhaust system with a sportier quad-pipe unit. That said, the humble diesel engine of the car still relies on a custom ASP Sound Generator module to imitate a decent soundtrack.

Wrapping up the list of changes are 22-inch forged rims that fill out the newly extended arches perfectly.

As you may see, two teams working together often gives great results, and this project by Atarius Concept and JB Customs is by no means an exception.

Photo: Atarius Concept

Chief Editor Olga Markelova
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