Alfa Romeo 4C goes through a full tuning

27-02-2019 09:21
Tuner Pogea Racing has unveiled the Alfa Romeo 4C Zeus, an extensive mod of the original 4C sports car

Tuner Pogea Racing has unveiled the Alfa Romeo 4C Zeus, an extensive mod of the original 4C sports car featuring new suspension, custom wheels, a power boost and an interior makeover.

The vehicle has gained a restyled front apron with a front splitter, new side skirts with air vents said to facilitate oil cooling in the engine and transmission, side spoilers, rear scoop fins, a diffusor, a lower rear splitter, and a huge rear wing. All components are made of visual carbon fiber and make the Italian car around 100 kg (220 lb.) lighter.

The company has also implemented a series of drivetrain improvements, including turbocharger tweaks, a new high-pressure pump and fuel injectors, ceramic gear discs, and a valve-based MONSTER Exhaust system. s a result, the power output of the Alfa Romeo 4C Zeus rose to 351 hp (262 kW) and 458 Nm (338 lbft) of torque, enabling it to sprint from standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.4 seconds, as opposed to the stock 4.5s. Furthermore, the upgraded car hits 200 km/h (124 mph) in 8.1 seconds and maxes out at 304 km/h (184 mph), rather than the manufacturer-promised 258 km/h (160 mph).

Aside from the above, the tuner has painted the vehicle in an exclusive shade known as Kenny Blue, installed new coilover suspension (Pogea Racing V23) and new forged rims (Pogea Forged ORBI5, 18” front / 19” rear).

The interior of the car uses an expensive leather/Alcantara combination trim, as well as new seats, a high-end sound system and a back-up camera.

The tuning alone (materials plus work, car not included) costs €50,100. Pogea Racing will only be releasing 10 custom Alfa Romeo 4C Zeus.

Photo: Pogea Racing

Reporter Sergei Musa
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