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13-09-2017 08:35
At the Frankfurt Motor Show Audi presented its novelty to the general public - Audi Aicon Concept

At the Frankfurt Motor Show Audi presented its novelty to the general public - Audi Aicon Concept. According to the representatives of the automaker, their creation is intended to demonstrate the future of premium cars from the German brand.

Audi Aicon Concept is a whole complex of innovations in mechanical engineering, assembled in one car.

So the power plant is represented by four electric motors, the total power of which is a little under 250 "horses". The battery charge located under the floor surface is enough for 700-800 kilometers of travel, and an innovative charging system will allow "pouring" their energy up to 80% in just half an hour. Another know-how was the possibility of wireless charging of batteries.

Audi Aicon Concept is equipped with an unmatched air suspension in the world, which is designed to provide maximum comfort for the driver and passengers, regardless of the quality of the roadway. Interesting is the fact that during acceleration, braking and cornering, the car practically does not give a roll. This was achieved through the installation of all-wheel electric actuators. Also the concept from Audi got 28-inch original disks.

It is worth noting that the novelty is not equipped with the usual lighting equipment. It was replaced by digital surfaces containing many pixel segments, which provides an excellent visualization of any necessary information. Also, the car was not equipped with a function of "far" light. According to the designers, the autopilot will manage the car even in the "near" light. If the passenger leaves the salon in the dark, his way will be covered by a special drone.

If we talk about the interior decoration of the Audi Aicon Concept, then in the front in the cabin there are two armchairs, which have the widest possibilities for adjustment. In the rear of the cabin there is a "sofa" designed for comfortable accommodation of two people.

Well, about the most interesting. In the Audi Aicon Concept you will not see the usual steering wheel and other controls. To do this, use the digital panel, which is installed around the perimeter of the cabin. You can control the car through a special electronic assistant. The system is configured in such a way that it recognizes the owner by phone number and includes personal control settings.

Photo: Audi


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