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Toyota Supra hits domestic market again

20-05-2019 11:52
The Toyota Supra coupe series returns to the Japanese automobile market as the A90 after a 17-year-long hiatus

The Toyota Supra coupe series returns to the Japanese automobile market as the A90 after a 17-year-long hiatus. The company celebrates its comeback by exhibiting several A90s in public areas of Tokyo for everyone to see, launching a range of Supra-themed merchandise, and working with its in-house tuner TRD to design and produce an expensive body kit for the new model.

The Japanese version of the new Supra comes powered by a variety of engines, including the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder units the BMW B48 ships with. In its most basic from (SZ), the engine delivers 197 horsepower (147 kilowatts) along with 320 Nm (236 lb×ft) of torque. The cheapest trim has neither the active rear differential, nor the adaptive suspension, nor even the HUD display. The interior comes wrapped in simple fabric upholstery, you can only adjust the seats mechanically, and the audio system only consists of four speakers. On the upside, it costs U.S. $44,660.

A more expensive version rated at 258 hp (192 kW) will set you back $53,800, and an even stronger one with 340 hp (254 kW) is available for $62,900. Be sure to put aside an extra amount equal to one-third of the car cost if you also want the TRD body kit. The package includes carbon door cards, a three-piece front bumper, rear apron garnishes, different side skirts, a rear spoiler, and 19-inch forged wheels. The tuner says the aero parts included aren’t just for show, but actually provide the sports car with plenty of extra downforce.

Production of the Japanese Toyota Supra (А90) takes place in Austria.

Photos: Toyota

Chief Editor Olga Markelova
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