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German painter Thomas Scheibitz puts a unique livery on a BMW i8

21-05-2019 11:04
The art piece is called ‘Scheibitz x Heusinger’

What you see here is a BMW i8 turned into an art car – not by the Bavarian carmaker itself, but by German independent painter and sculptor Thomas Scheibitz. That said, BMW did comment on the work, calling it ‘a success.’

The art piece is called ‘Scheibitz x Heusinger’. Heusinger is the last name of a painter’s friend who provided the two-door vehicle. First, the artist drew up a sketch visualizing the color scheme he wanted to apply to the car. Then he proceeded with the actual livery. In an interview, he said he drew inspiration from the realms of spatial perspective, sculpture, symmetry, and illusion.

Of course, this is by far not the first time BMW vehicles become works of art. The manufacturer itself had at least 18 of those, with the latest one revealed two years ago. It was a M6 GT3 racecar painted over by renowned Chinese artist Cao Fei.

Photos: bmwblog.com

Chief Editor Olga Markelova
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