Aurus Komendant presents paper specs

17-01-2022 15:30
Russian luxury Automaker Aurus plans to launch its Komendant in spring, and the car shapes up to be one of the world’s largest and heaviest SUVs.

Russian luxury Automaker Aurus plans to launch its Komendant in spring, and the car shapes up to be one of the world’s largest and heaviest SUVs.

At 5,380 mm (210 inches), it is 175 mm (7 in) longer than the Mercedes-Maybach GLS and only 386 mm (15 in) shorter than the Cadillac Escalade ESV. The width, height and wheelbase amount to 2,004, 1,820 and 3,100 millimeters, respectively (78.2, 71.1 and 121.1 inches).

The body of the off-roader has been designed to be armor-plated, hence the large dimensions and 3,235 kilos (7,132 lbs) of curb weight. To put things into perspective, the GLS mentioned above tips the scales at 2,785 kg (6,140 lbs). The full weight with the liquids and passengers inside maxes out at the Category B apex, 3,495 kg (7,705 lbs). This leaves a meager 260 kg (573 lbs) for luggage and other trunk weight.

The Komendant has been certified as a four-seater SUV. Its equipment list is quite vast and mentions an adjustable steering column, power doors, all-around view cameras, a fridge, paddle shifters, a rear bench infotainment system, heated steering wheel, and heated windshield.

Like its sedan cousin shown in the video and the Senat stretch limo, the off-roader comes powered by a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 rated at 598 PS (590 hp / 440 kW). A nine-speed automatic transmission drives all four wheels. The specification mentions that the car accepts ON98 and higher quality gasoline.

Editor Andrew Raspopov
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