Novitec’s rendition of the McLaren 765LT packs 850+ horsepower, 2.5s sprint time

22-07-2022 18:00
The Bavarian tuning experts at Novitec have come up with a large-scale upgrade plan for the splendid McLaren 765LT Spider. Given how high the bar already is, one has to admire how much was accomplished on top of that.

The Bavarian tuning experts at Novitec have come up with a large-scale upgrade plan for the splendid McLaren 765LT Spider. Given how high the bar already is, one has to admire how much was accomplished on top of that.

Starting with the main thing, the stock eight-cylinder engine under the hood gets intake and exhaust upgrades to hit the wheels with record-breaking 855 PS (843 hp / 629 kW) and 898 Nm (662 lb-ft) of torque. It also reaches 100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.5 seconds, proceeds to 200 km/h (124 mph) in 6.7 seconds and maxes out well beyond 330 km/h (205 mph) – all formidable numbers for a roofless Spider.

Further helping the performance are high-tech Vossen wheels available in as many as 73 finish options. The front axle gets 20-inch rollers and the rear axle benefits from larger 21-inch rims. The suspension drops by another 20 mm (0.8 inches) or so thanks to Novitec springs, and a carbon-fiber aerodynamic kit rounds things off with considerable style.

As per the tradition, the tuning company invites customers to decide on the interior makeover they want. Leather and Alcantara can be applied in any number of combinations, ensuring the exclusivity and uniqueness of every example built.

Editor Andrew Raspopov
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