Prior Design turns a Porsche Panamera into a chameleon car

04-06-2018 09:26
The complete cost of the work amounted to 30,000 USD

The Porsche Panamera is a sports car you will immediately recognize on the street thanks to its trademark “fastback” body type. You’d think a vehicle like this would need no additional styling to stand out. However, at least one owner decided to go with it anyway.

He handed his fastback vehicle over to Prior Design to “do a radical exterior overhaul”. No sooner said than done!

The car tuning team has designed an entire body kit from scratch, including posh bumpers, elegant side skirts, claw-like moldings and giant glossy black wheels. As a result, the car has assumed an even bolder and more aggressive appearance.

All of the above wouldn’t have looked so well without the new film wrapping, though. The entire car has been wrapped in Fostla chameleon vinyl film which changes its colors depending on the view angle.

Prior Design has also replaced the exhaust system with a new sports-grade one and installed air suspension for reduced road clearance.

The complete cost of the work amounted to 30,000 USD. You could buy a new Volkswagen Tiguan, but, well, you know how these things go…


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