BMW reveals everything you wanted to know about the new X5

06-06-2018 11:54
The German automotive giant BMW has held a closed presentation event dedicated to its next-generation X5 SUV series

The German automotive giant BMW has held a closed presentation event dedicated to its next-generation X5 SUV series. The model will celebrate its public debut in the coming fall and reach dealerships in November.

The exterior design of the next X5 offers quite a lot of novelty compared to the current generation. For one, the chrome-coated radiator fins now stand much farther apart from each other. The body is no longer as deeply punched out and has generally smoother contours. Its dimensions have also changed: the new model is 36 millimeters (1.4”) longer, 66 mm (2.6”) wider, 19 mm (3/4”) taller and has a 42 mm (1.6”) larger wheelbase.

The interior also looks nothing like its previous version. An enormous digital dashboard now occupies pretty much all of the available space, coming close to the equally large infotainment screen, separated from it by a small plastic insert. The climate control interface now sits farther up, right under the deflectors. The infotainment system, on the contrary, has been relocated to a lower position for faster access. This stands to reason, since most people reach for their car multimedia much more often than they toggle air conditioning.

Paid options include a gear switch made of glass, faceted controls (the volume knob and the start/stop button), a panorama glass roof, a powerful 20-speaker audio system that comes with additional displays for the rear passengers, and a four-zone climate control with air freshening/ionizing.

The trunk compartment has become somewhat smaller but at the same time much more practical. It now features an electronically-controlled partition that can move both horizontally and vertically. Special padding ensures that the luggage stays in place and doesn’t move around during the ride. The lid opens remotely.

From the technical point of view, the car is based on the CLAR platform. It normally ships with regular coil suspension, but you may order the more expensive air suspension if you want your X5 to automatically raise itself by 40 mm (1.6”) or lower by 20 mm (0.8”) when the driving conditions are appropriate.

The engine palette consists of two gasoline engines rated at 340 and 462 hp (253 and 344 kW, respectively) and two diesels capable of 265 and 400 hp (200 – 300 kW). All of these ship with advanced automatic transmissions. The hi-end BMW X5 needs 4.7 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph).



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