Classic Car Studio builds a hot rod for Seether’s bass guitar player

25-06-2018 12:14
The team began with a shortened body of a vintage 1931 Ford Model A

Classic Car Studio, a renowned private car design atelier based in Saint-Louis, Missouri, USA, has finished designing a custom hot rod vehicle based on the Ford Model A for a bass guitar player of the South African music band Seether.

But let’s begin with a few words about the atelier and its founder, Noah Alexander. Noah and his friends spent 10 years buying out and restoring old cars, and sometimes building custom designs. Fame came to them in 2017 when a TV channel dedicated a show episode to the atelier and its efforts in creating unique vehicles.

A new episode, which took six months to film, was aired a few days ago and told the story of a hot rod vehicle meant for Dale Stewart, bass guitarist of the SAR-based band Seether.

The team began with a shortened body of a vintage 1931 Ford Model A. They have built a custom chassis for it from scratch and did the interior finishing. They bought most of the units and components in other ateliers, though. For instance, they ordered the shock absorbers, the front axle, the steering column and the radiator grille from Speedway Motors.

The hood cover of the vehicle now conceals a powerful Chrysler Hemi V8 5.4 engine, boosted to 507 hp (378 kW) and paired with the ТСI 700R4 automatic transmission.

The company remained silent about the acceleration performance of the vehicle, as well as the cost of the job.


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