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E.C.D. reveals a $250,000 Land Rover Defender

14-09-2018 16:09
Car tuner E.C.D. Automotive Design has provided us with proof that even that SUV can be worth as much with sufficient love and effort put into it

What kind of car would you buy for U.S. $250,000? Perhaps, a rare Aston Martin Rapide S, a brand-new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ AMG or maybe a Maybach? The list can go on like this forever, but chances are you’ll never see the bulky Land Rover Defender in it.

Nonetheless, car tuner E.C.D. Automotive Design has provided us with proof that even that SUV can be worth as much with sufficient love and effort put into it.

This extremely pimped-out Land Rover Defender features a custom set of 20-inch wheels wearing Toyo Open Country tires, additional 5 cm (2”) of road clearance and wheel arch extenders. It also flaunts shiny new LED headlights, differently-styled bumpers, new radiator grille and hood, a bull bar and a winch.

The car even has a handy little ladder for easy roof rack access. Its fifth door holds a spare tire, and there is a light bar on the roof.

The interior has been overhauled even more completely. There is now a new sport-grade steering wheel, comfortable Corbeau RRS seats, additional seats for up to 4 passengers in the trunk area, and excellent black/red leather finishing throughout.

It goes without saying that a heavy-duty SUV needs a heavy-duty engine to go with. Apparently understanding this, E.C.D. Automotive Design replaced the stock engine of the car with a 600-hp (450-kW) Nissan Corvette monster motor.

If you think that’s it, you are mistaken: the list is actually far from complete. However, we wouldn’t dare to bore you with the hundreds of minute details. To sum it all up, the car, aptly named the “Land Rover Defender Project Savage”, could be just about worth the outrageous price tag.

Photo: tuningblog.eu

Reporter Artem Sukhanov
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