Lowered stance is more a matter of personal preference and fashion statement than practical value, as it often costs plenty to implement and maintain. But as long as one has what it takes, why not?
Bring-a-Trailer has posted an ad for an exclusive BMW Alpina B10 Biturbo, one of only 507 luxury vehicles built with the BMW 5 Series (E34) as the starting point.
Ford Market is a car tune-up shop based in St. Petersburg, Russia, and its latest project looks every bit as wild as they ever get. It’s a Ford Focus hatchback turned into a speedster!
The Papadakis Racing team, thrice prizewinner of the Formula Drift series, is every bit as bored of staying home during the Covid-19 crisis as we are, so it brought us this awesome video showing off homemade paper drift cars.
Artisan Spirits has released a new styling package for the Toyota Harrier (a.k.a. Venza), which includes body kit components, large wheels and a hood cover.
“Larger, stronger and more expensive cars” pretty much sums up the direction the premium car market is heading in in 2020. But was it quite the same back in 1983? Let’s find out.
The Audi RS Q8 has everything going for it, including royal dimensions, gorgeous looks, and the sheer engine power. What it decidedly lacks is an exhaust tune to match all that grandeur, and the reason is the GPF filter mandatory in the EU countries.