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Ferrari Portofino gets a Loma body kit and an engine upgrade

14-11-2018 12:06
The wide body kit is called “LP-740 2.0” and made out of carbon

Monaco-based car tuner Loma has started as a wheel manufacturer, but it currently also offers custom body kits for sale. You may see one of these on this Ferrari Portofino.

The wide body kit is called “LP-740 2.0” and made out of carbon. It includes a front apron with air intakes, a front spoiler lip, side skirts, a rear bumper with a diffusor and a modestly-sized trunk lid spoiler. Overall, it manages to make the supercar look sportier and more agile while not being overly pronounced or excessive.

Along with the body kit, owners of the Ferrari Portofino also get a set of Loma GTC-SL Superlight wheels 21 or 22 inches large. These are 20% lighter than the factory-produced wheels.

Finally but importantly, the modded car benefits from a light chip tuning and a new exhaust system. It accelerates 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 3.1 seconds and may eventually reach 342 km/h (212 mph).

The entire kit plus wheels cost €17,490 and above in Germany (excluding VAT). First shipments are expected in spring 2019.

Photo: carscoops.com

Editor Andrew Raspopov
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